Nintendo Crazy

Posted on October 7th, 2006 at 5:39 pm

Well my PS2 was traded last week and this week I took my old SNES in to get credit for the upcoming Nintendo Wii. Only £80 to go now on my Wii-fund. I was tempted to get the new Nintendo DS Browser today. Its a cartridge that allows you to use your handheld Nintendo DS to surf the web using the Opera web browser, more details here. Unfortunately I can’t find any detailed reviews of it online so I’m going to hold back from purchasing it for the time being.

If it has tabbed browsing so that I could have both Hotmail and Gmail running all the time and the ability to move from the pub’s wifi to my home one without reloading I’ll get myself a copy. It doesn’t play any Flash applications though so I think that rules out looking at video on YouTube. It’s only £25 at Amazon so it wouldn’t take that many good reviews for me to buy it.

Instead I have 42 All-Time Classics to keep me occupied when I’m on the move. The highlights on this Ninendo DS game are Backgammon, Chess, Bridge and a card game called President which you can with people online too. There’s even an option for worldwide Ludo, although I can’t see the day I’m sitting in the pub playing Ludo with some kid in Japan. Overall it’s well worth the £20 asking price.

If you get either of these cartridges and you want to play online using your Orange Livebox then check out my step-by-step instructions on how to configure your Nintendo DS.

And finally, check out my friend Seng starring in the music video to Jackie Wilson’s Higher & Higher back in the late eighties. Remember claymation? That’s some afro!

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