Tacky Boot Fair Painting – Wings of Love by Stephen Pearson

Posted on December 18th, 2005 at 2:22 pm

Swan Man Woman Naked

I saw this at Bhasvic boot fair today. I remember these kind of paintings were popular during the 80’s and appeared on many young couples walls, well in Margate anyway. There were hundreds of these, but most contained a naked couple walking into a horizon.

I’ve no idea if they were all by the same artist but if you have any idea who painted them then please let me know!

Edit: It’s Wings of Love by Stephen Pearson.

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  • An amazing find , this kind of art cannot be found at Blend on Upper North St Brighton, such a shame that Valenzuela doesn’t actually have that must taste.
    Beautiful image.respect. j.

  • or must have taste even

  • KingOfMyCastle says:

    I was a fool not to snap this up myself for the princely sum of £3

  • Lori says:

    So I asked our art people if this was a familiar artist…..

    the blank stares were priceless.

  • Dancinfairy says:

    Once again I am happy that I didn’t have money of my own in the 80’s. See the mistakes I could have made.

  • KingOfMyCastle says:

    Some guy must have made a fortune making these. Thats why I thought the artist may be famous. He probably owns an island somewhere.

    I had some money in the 80’s but I had posters of computer games, Star Wars and maps on my walls. Did I make the right choice?

  • rich says:

    These were featured on the 20th Century Antiques Roadshow (from the Brighton Centre!)
    They’re the world’s best selling prints don’t you know.

  • Tokkie South Africa says:


  • Sigurvin says:

    Believe it or not but my mom and her sister had that exact painting on their bedroom walls. I was very puzzled by it and would stare for hours.

  • carmen says:

    We too were looking for this odd but endearing painting. And found….that it is called “Wings of Love” by a guy called S. Pearson. Enjoy!

  • Wow, thanks for that. Well spotted!

    Just googled up spme stuff and found this page about him: http://www.thecontainergallery.co.uk/stephen_pearson/stephpears_all_thumb_pages/stephen_pearson.html

  • steve says:

    well this painting is just beautifull.. believe it or not my dad has one, my mother has one and im thinking on getting one… ill find out the name of the artist when i get home from work..

    There are also alternative colour version.. but this is without a debt the best.. there not hugely expensive from what i remember (looked around on the net a year or so ago)..

    There alot harder to get hold of now cos they were so damn popular..

  • Stace says:

    I love this painting I was looking for one recently for a friends birthday as we are huge Abigail’s Party fan and there is a great scene in which this painting is featured LOL

  • k.hatt says:

    we were left an S,PEARSON original WINGS OF LOVE print.it is approx 2 feet tall by 4 feet wide .its in perfect condition with white and gold frame.we dont know whether to hang it hang it on the wall or put it into auction…anyone interested please contact me on my email address

  • bernie says:

    Wings Of Love by Stephen Pearson,my dad has this pic and i remember has a child it being on the wall .im 40 this yr so the painting will be 40 next yr do you know the value?

  • bernie says:

    wings of love by stephen pearson 1972. I remember growing up and this being on our wall,my dad still has this .do you know its value?

  • Louise says:

    Oh, how I remember this! My mother’s friend had this in her living room (I’d assume having it in the lounge was quite racy for the time) in the 1970s.

    As it was simpler times (1 tv, 3 channels, and less distractions/toys for kids back then) I found myself staring at it for hours. But I remember feeling it was “rude” as it had naked people in it.

    I still have no idea what the heck the painting is about..but then, art is how you interpret it..As an adult, I think it’s the wrong side of kitsch, ie, vile.

    Didn’t know it was talked about in Abigail’s Party, though I’ve never actually watched it..I’ll have to now!!

    I have “The Kneeling Woman” (Allen Jones) in *my* lounge, so no doubt my young niece feels just as puzzled by that (I tape up the Kneeling Woman’s nipple when she comes to visit, for the sake of decency).

  • Louise says:

    Bernie, I’m 40 this year too :-) I’d be very surprised if these prints were valuable. I wouldn’t buy it..

  • john says:

    omg memories i used to stare at this pic on my mums wall when i was a little boy .i love it !! deffo keep it

  • rachel coxie cox says:

    I have this for sale if anyone is interested it was given to me by my nan so its an original not a poster..let me know if your interested in this at fathertedrox@hotmail.com x

  • chelsea says:

    i have 2 of them ones a painting ones a poster any one know where i can sell them ?

  • ben says:

    i have this picture in gold an white frame if any 1 would wish to buy then make me an offer on my e mail wills1982@outlook.com

  • Rachel says:

    Hi, I have one of these in a house we renovating. It’s in a white and gold framed and has a paper back. Does anybody kno how much they are worth ?

  • claire says:

    I have a mirror version of this looked everywere to see if its worth anything but cant find a single thing about a mirror just prints, it was left to me by my nan would be great if anyone has any info of the mirror version.

  • sharon brookes says:

    My mum still has hers that I got for her birthday can anyone tell me what’s it worth now its signed in 1972

  • sharon brookes says:

    I bougt one for my mums birthday its in a gold surround mirrored frame

  • jean hellens says:

    I have the mirrow version of this piece. Dated 1972 and signed by D Pearson. any info would be appreciated

  • Bonita Elphinstone says:

    I have this painting , signed S.or D Pearson 1972 . I have had it since my hubby bought it for me all those years ago . Yes Quite racy back then . Had it above our bed . Now I have it hanging in my lounge room . Wings of love , I believe was something from folk lore . Maybe to do with forbidden love . Can’t remember the story , but i knew it at the time . Somebody told me way back , that there is a statue of it in an airport . Any info would be appreciated .

  • Roselina Powell says:

    My Nan has the Wings of Love signed by S.Pearson 1972.Does anyone know it’s worth.
    She actually has 2 framed and signed pictures.She’s actually thinking of selling them on.Anyone interested please get in touch via my email.Thanks.

  • lorretta livingstone says:

    I have the beautiful island girl naked with long flowing hair kneeling such a georgeous picture .

  • lorretta livingstone says:

    signed S.Pearson 1970

  • Coral Fallon says:

    My mum had the painting on her bedroom wall. Sadly died in 1999. My sister was going to have it but sadly forgot to take it down prior to house sale. Please dont tell us it was worth anything

  • chris says:

    I have this painting in same frame and I’m selling for 50.00

  • Claire says:

    I have this painting. Clearing out my parents room. It has some damp on it. Not sure what to do with it

  • Mark Preston says:

    Steven Pearson was my great uncle. I never got to see him often as he lived in St Albans and I lived in the north east. He was the most softly spoken man you’d ever meet, actually I’ve never known anyone ever speak like him. It was like a constant whisper and his personality was the same. We had several of his paintings hanging in the house and at my grandads and it’s strange seeing those same pictures you looked at all through your childhood being famous on the Internet. I remember playing with his cat in his rose garden when I was about 7 in the summer. Memories.

  • frank kelly says:

    I have one .In original frame.Love it.

  • John says:

    I have this , wings of love in a mirror form
    Number on the back 11052

  • Vicky Mumford says:

    My mum & dad had the mirror. I have it now. Just saw a comment about having it over the bed. I might copy that idea. Thanks

  • Vicky Mumford says:

    Grew up with it on my patents wall. My children did too.

  • Vicky Mumford says:

    Parents wall I mean

  • Kirsten Wright says:

    I remember this painting. It hung in my parents bedroom. I used to stare at it while my dad used to get me to play his sick secret game . ( getting me to play with his dick and get him off ) Then he would let me watch my favourite film – Grease. This picture disgusts me. I was only 6 years old

  • Dawn says:

    I have one if anyone would like to buy it?

  • Pauline Sturley says:

    Where can I get a copy of Wings of love

  • david Breaden says:

    I have 8 of stephen’s prints 36″x36″ framed under glass.I met stephen in 1979 and he kindly signed each one for me personally,they are all in A1 condition i need to sell them as i do not have space to show them.I love these pictures and will be sorry to see them go.I believe these are quite rare.

  • david Breaden says:

    Sorry i forgot to tell you the titles
    Wings of Love,Up Up and Away,Quixotes Dream,Spectre de la Rose,Solar Offering,Secret Garden,Light of Love and Dancing Nymphs.

  • Jean Wyllie says:

    I have had mine since I bought it early 1970’s. At one point they were worth £200 but sadly, not now. I paid £20 for it then from a catalogue and it appears to be worth that much now. Certainly a lovely picture to behold but not an investment. If anyone would like it, they can have it because my daughter won’t want it when I expire .x

  • Marie says:

    I’d be interested in having it if it’s still available Jean.

  • Angie says:

    I bought one a couple of days ago on a popular online selling site. It is fantastic quality, frame including, considering its age. No fading at all. Still vibrant colours. Just two small marks on it which due to it been on the sellers mother’s wall for 30 years is pretty good! The lady had no idea how popular and collectible they are now, so hence my bargain price of £10!

  • Deb says:

    I have been after this picture for years, I love it. Does anyone know why I could purchase this please. Thanks

  • Christine cross says:

    My mother has this exact picture with white and gold frame on canvas could anyone tell me how much this is worth please

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