Configure your Nintendo DS with your Orange Livebox

Posted on June 19th, 2006 at 3:56 pm

Here’s a guide on what settings to use to connect your Nintendo Dual Screen via its wi-fi connection (WFC) to your new Orange Livebox (should also work with Wanadoo Livebox). This is definitely not plug & play but what took me two hours should only take you five minutes now. This should also work exactly the same with your new DS Lite.

1. Change your Livebox configuration. Go to http://configuration.adsl/index2.html which should open your Livebox configuration page on your browser. There are two passwords you can use.

First try username -> ‘admin’ and password -> ‘admin’. These are the default settings.

Alternatively use your Orange or Wanadoo or even Freeserve login username and password here.

Make a note of your Livebox name, mine is WANADOO-B7E8. Now go to Configuration -> Advanced -> Wireless and choose the WEP Security Only option. After you submit this your Livebox should flash a bit so give it 5 minutes to adjust itself. On the same window click to Security -> Firewall and choose ‘low’. As long as you have a Firewall on your PC you’ll still be safe. Now click ‘System Information’ as we’ll need all this info in a minute.

2. Change your Nintendo DS settings. Plug in your game, Mario Kart DS for example, and go to the Nintendo WFC Settings Screen. Choose an empty connection and ‘Search for an Access Point’. You should see your new Livebox come up here as ‘WANADOO’ or ‘ORANGE’ followed by some numbers. Unfortunately you can also see the red lock icon but click it anyway and type in your WEP key as seen on the System Info screen we looked at earlier. Be careful typing this in and remember that you should only use letters A-F and numbers 0-9, no ‘i’s or ‘o’s, and turn CAPS LOCK on. Simple? Well hold on as we’re not finished yet and you’ll come up with an error if you try to connect.

3. Change your DS Wi-fi settings manually. Now press the ‘Manual Setup’ button on the connection screen which takes you into the settings control panel. You should have a SSID number in there, thats good. And your WEP key should be entered in there too. The rest of the details can be found by refering to your Livebox System Info, but be careful as the requested numbers do not always match up with the correct fields. Therefore you must enter these values exactly how I have specified them:
Auto-obtain IP Address = choose ‘No’
IP Address = enter the ‘DHCP server end address’ value
Subnet Mask = enter ‘’
Gateway = enter the ‘LAN IP address’ value
Auto-obtain DNS = choose ‘No’
Primary DNS = enter the ‘Primary DNS server’ value
Secondary DNS = enter the ‘Secondary DNS server’ value

4. The last bit, honest! Now go over to your Livebox and you should see a small USB-sized socket on the back next to two buttons marked 1 and 2. You need to press button 1. Then select ‘Test Connection’ on the NDS settings screen. With any luck you should get the green wireless icon on your NDS buzzing away with three bars! Now save the settings and play!

I hope that helped somebody out! Good luck!

Update: Well I seem to have helped quite a few people out which is good news. Mitchell Edwards said he couldn’t get his DS to work unless he set the primary DNS to be the same IP as the gateway (, so try that if you’re still not having any luck

I’ve also been told you can use these settings to connect your OSX Mac to the Orange Livebox too. Good luck with that.

You could save money by checking the online prices out at the links above. There’s tons of bargians there.

And if I’ve saved anybody lots of time and money they can repay me buy visiting a few of the Google ads, signing up with Ladbrokes or downloading the Firefox browser using the links on the far right. You know it makes sense ;)

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  • Andy says:

    I’ve tipped bryan off that you know how to get the DS hooked into Wi-Fi. He may be after you soon…. :-)

  • BobRiot says:

    Great guide, I will link this in the forums I was looking at


  • Cheers! I’m glad it helped you!

  • Samuel H Diamond says:

    This is exactly what i’ve been looking for. Thanks a lot!

  • Stuart D says:

    Hi, ive followed this to the letter but i just get the error message “Error Code 52100, Connected to the access point but unable to connect to the server. Confirm connection settings and internet availability”

    And yes my net is working!

  • Hmm, not too sure what to do next apart from checking your Livebox firewall settings.

    All I can suggest is to start again after a reboot and see what happens.

  • Phil says:

    i cant seem to work it i am using a ds lite and animal crossing and a wanadoo live box

    when i test the connect it has green and makes the bell sound but it just keeps continuing on that so i tried to connect while ingame to get my friend code but the connection was now just red with an endless wait any ideas? thanks

  • Liam says:

    Whenever I turn it to WEP security only it will only let me on dial up not BroadBand so changing it to WEP is dangerous for my PC!

  • Thats strange. Mine works fine with just WEP on. But your Nintendo can only deal with WEP, not WPA so there’s no alternative I’m afraid.

  • Mitchell Edwards says:

    Phil on the July 28th, 2006 at 3:08 pm said:
    i cant seem to work it i am using a ds lite and animal crossing and a wanadoo live box

    when i test the connect it has green and makes the bell sound but it just keeps continuing on that so i tried to connect while ingame to get my friend code but the connection was now just red with an endless wait any ideas? thanks

    I’m using a DS Lite too with Animal Crossing and an Orange livebox and am experiencing the same?

  • Phil says:

    ok it finaly finished but said couldn’t connect to acces point please move in range and try again while i was right next to it

  • Quit says:

    Well, I’ve got a Mac with OSX, which aparently couldn’t connect to a Livebox, and now, with your help I’ve got a DS connected to my Livebox too. All wirelessly. Thank you very much.

    It would be great customer service if Orange would just tell us how to do this over the phone. Surely it would encourage people to use the service more.

    Thanks for all your help, I’ve finally got my technology set up the way I want it – they way it SHOULD WORK!


  • Wow, I had no idea those setting would work for a Mac. Well done for trying!

    Still can’t understand why some DS users are still having problems but thats the way it goes I suppose.

    Glad I could help.

  • Beth says:

    Thanks so much John!

    I have been tearing my hair out over this for the last week. I was about to give up, thinking my livebox wasn’t compatible with the DS.

    Following your instructions has helped a lot, am just about to mercilessly beat someone on Mario Kart cross-continental for the very first time!

  • Mitchell Edwards says:

    See this update posted in

    Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 7:21 pm
    Joined: 22 Jul 2006Posts: 1
    Dont Know if this will help anyone but after following all the posts still had problems untill I changed the primary DNS to be the same IP as the gateway ( as well as changing Livebox to Wep works perfect every time.

    After doing everything King of my castle said, if you do this as well. This worked for me.

  • Phil says:

    sounds good worth a try

  • Phil says:

    half way there i got to connected to acces point but can’t find server

  • Phil says:

    fixed and done

  • Phil says:

    is there any way to change wpa security on a computer to wep security? cas the other computer i have stops if i try and use ds

  • Beth, glad to be of service.

    Mitchell, thanks for that tip. I’ll update the post and give you credit.

    Phil, ha! Always happens. You solve one problem and another arises. I think the encryption can be changed on your PC but I’m not too sure how, sorry.

  • Mitchell Edwards says:

    Well I don’t want to take too much credit because it was you and that Zoom guy that was of most help.

    Here’s the thread.

    KingOfMyCastle, you’re in the thread, surprised you missed it.

    Anyway thanks for sorting out my Mac OS X/Livebox issue a couple of weeks back on the phone.

  • Phil says:

    its alright lol im using a belkin wireless adapter so if anyone has any ideas please say

  • Gizmocom says:

    Wow, you are a genius, I love you man!!

    I have tried and failed countless times to connect mine and my wifes DS since we first got them ages ago and have tried countless ‘failsafe’ guides, all that guaranteed it would work, but none have. (I have had my Livebox since Freeserve, Wanadoo and now Orange!!)

    Your guide was simple, step-by-step and best of all it worked! I used to work on a IT helpdesk, but have never been able to figure this out.

    Online play, here we come! I hope the Wii will be easier to connect as I know I am going to want that connection from day one!

    Thanks again, keep up the excellent work!

  • Hi! It’s always good to help out a fellow DS user.

    I’m getting the Wii straight away too so I’m hoping the settings above can be used for that. It’ll be my first online console.

  • Gizmocom says:

    Umm, I just played MK online and got totally stuffed! I think I need more practice as havn’t played it for months… I am also sorry to say I have neglected my animal crossing town, so would be too embarrased to invite people over :) I think I will get that board games game you bought, might be able to beat someone at Ludo!!

    I just read the latest stuff about the Wii in a magazine, the Mii channel looks greaton it, can’t wait for it! (I was order number 0001 in my local game, so hopefully I should get one!)

    Oh, sorry if I am going a bit off topic here …


  • Linzeye says:

    Thankyou so much! at last a DS/livebox help that can be understood! ho-ray!

  • Tricky says:

    Thanks a lot for the info on setting up my Livebox/DS Lite.
    I have been trying to get Metroid Prime Hunters connected all morning.
    Followed your instructions, and it worked perfectly. Just had my ass kicked big time, need more practice… but glad it now works.
    can’t wait to get MK now for some racing.

  • Paul W says:

    Hi John, I’ve tried to follow this advice but I can’t get in to the livebox configuration page using my orange broadband account details and password. Keeps coming up authorisation required. Any ideas?

  • Tricky says:

    re Paul W
    Try using admin for both the username and password, these are the default access codes.

  • Joe Brady says:


    Thank you so much! :D

    You have just made my day! :)

    I have never been able to get my DS working on WiFi on either of the routers I have, so I had pretty much given up :p

    Then I came upon this page and thought “It can’t help to try”

    And it worked! :D

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Now I’m off to kick some arse at Mario Kart! :D


  • Chris Tracey says:

    I think I have solved Phil’s problem! I too am connecting my computer wirelessly – when I changed the connection to WEP my computer couldn’t connect. The solution?

    In my wireless settings on the computer, I changed the authentication type to WEP – key type 104/128bit encryption. Then enter your WEP key as the first (or default) key. Authentication mode ‘open’. I did this with my wireless orange adaptor and it worked. Let me know if you’re having similar problems!

    GREAT site by the way!

  • Andrew Short says:

    Hello KOMC,

    Great resourse of info, Many thanks, so far…

    I’m trying to connect two Nintendo DS’s at once to the Livebox for friends and family matches on “42 All Time classics” If I connect one, the other one can find the signal, but it is locked and cannot connect. If I try the other DS first it can find a connection but seems to block the other one!

    Can the Livebox suport two Nintendo’s at once. I know the officail Nintendo WIFI adapter can do this.

    Any help greatfully recieved!

  • Hey Andrew, that request is a first. So i presume it’s two DS’s at yours and more elsewhere on the net?

    Hmm, im not sure if it’s possible as they both might have the same Device Address. You’re gonna have to experiment on your own on this, sorry.

  • bootmonster says:

    @Andrew Short

    I have several DS’s in my house (big family, lol)

    Just change the IP address of one of the DS’s to a different value. ‘DHCP server end address’ -1 or -2 or whatever.

  • Shippo says:

    Nice one Chap!
    This sorted me out a treat, just got my livebox through today (13th feb 07).
    I didn’t need to change my Firewall to Low, its working on Medium ok.
    A note to all about the LIVEBOX, I could only connect 1 laptop wirelessly when it was set to WPA & WEP security, so I changed it to WEP ONLY, and now I have connected up 2 laptops, a nintendo DS and a Wii.

  • Rowan says:

    I have followed everything on this page and it still hasnt worked :( Strange because I got my Wii working fine, so should I try copying details from there?

  • Rowan says:

    Oooo it worked! I set it to WEP only. However now my brothers wireless device isnt working :/ Meh, atleast I can get my DS online.

  • Yeah, get your priorities right! :)

    Try setting your Brothers device to WEP encryption and it should work too.

  • Tina says:

    I tried for 3 straight hours to sort this out and NOTHING worked until I stumbled across this site just as I was on the brink of giving up. Thank you SO much for posting this information. You’ve been a great help

  • Wayne McCarron says:

    I’ve spent all night trying to configure my DS using the online help on and have not even gotten close until discovering this site.

    Your instructions were very easy to follow and now I can enjoy my wireless DS to the full, I only wish I’d found this page earlier!!!

    Thanks very much for the help, seems like Nintendo could do with your input on their website.

    Thanks again,


  • Danny says:

    All details entered correctly, tested connection, getting 3 bars and a green symbol! Then i get an error code 52100,

    “Connected to access point but unable to connect to the server. Confirm settings and internet availability etc… for help visit

    Any ideas????


  • Boinj says:

    hey i followed your instuctions to the letter and the ds works sweet. the only problem now is my wireless won’t connect to the computer……………any ideas????????

  • Emma W says:

    Thank you so much! I switched broadband and lost my DS connection. I was directed to this site by someone, and now it all works great! No more Animal Crossing withdrawal :)

  • Boinj says:

    all sorted re: post #42

  • PyroTails says:

    Does this also work for the Wii?

  • Bunnie says:

    Thanks so much

    Had loads of problems connecting the DS to the Livebox but put a search in on google and it brought me here.

    Was able to set it up straight away and win my first game of Tetris :D

  • Dawn says:

    Hi Again. thanks for the wii advice, it is all up and running, Bloody Genius…:) right reason im here is i asked about the ds but after trying with the notes on this page im still no better off. im getting 51300 code which tells me to check the ssid and stuff which i have gone through and checked everything and changed my dns server to the gateway numbers.
    I have a grey locked out padlock showing on mine and i cant get it to change. it says something about wep but i have entered my wep key from the live box.
    Any help will be appreciated as those idiots at orange sit there with their thunb up there backsides wondering what to do next…

  • Mark says:

    Great advice – I didn’t think to do the thing where you have to ‘pair’ the Livebox to a device (how many other broadband routers on the market insist that you do this – surely not many). Once I did that it connected and worked great until…

    …it started performing the automatic update. It got to about 60% and then stopped downloading. So I switched it on and off and tried again. Performing a Wii System Update got to about 50% and then errored out. But I can download stuff – the Opera Browser and Super Mario Bros. Huzzah!

  • Yuba says:

    Thanks very much for your guide.

    Just to note, it is not necessary to use manual settings. Automatically obtaining an IP etc works fine.

    The crucial thing here is that you *must* press the pairing button (the ‘1’ on the side of the Livebox) the first time you connect a new device (e.g the DS) to it. You then have about 10 minutes to create the initial connection. This tiny little detail caused me no end of grief!

  • Julie says:

    I wont to change my WPA or WEP security to WEP security only but when i try this i can not connect wireless.

    Please help me as i think this must be why my wii will not connect.

  • Matt says:

    I try to connect it
    but when typing in the WEP key,
    it wont actually let me
    do i use hyphens or spaces??
    also, i lose all my other internet connections by changing it to WEP

  • Julie says:

    When i try and setup my connection i have a gray paddlock so it wont let me put in my wep key on my ds

  • Ronnie says:

    When typing the WEP key do so WITHOUT any spaces.

    This is where i went wrong at first.

    Great guide by the way, thanks for the help!

  • Kartious says:

    … i just got a DS and cos my comp doesnt work at home atm i am really hoping this method works…. :s the sheets were 15p ea and toltal of £4.50 :s ps i now really hate my livebox LOL

  • kieran says:

    i have a wireless orange livebox but when i change the settings the internet on the laptop and pc go off but works on the ds and psp plz help

  • MrRossy says:

    Thanks very much. tried in vein to sort this out several times then just gave up…..found your site >>>>> All sorted!

    Thanks again…

  • R6Iinblack says:

    that sounds hard

  • ben says:

    i cant go on config cuz it ask me for a user name and pass word but i dont know what they
    are even for!!!

  • Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. I’ve changed the post to show you alternative Livebox login information. Use ‘admin’ as both the username and password and see if that works.

    Good luck!

  • Stef says:

    Hi, just wanted to say thankyou, there’s no way I would’ve been able to connect my ds to my wifi without this article! Cheers!

  • Jess says:

    Hey erm i tried this now i cannot connect to the internet on my computer on my own wireless setting.
    im now using someone elses wireless to write this.

    How can i reverse setting it to WEP only?

  • Try getting your PC to try to connect again using WEP encryption. Delete the old connection and go through the connection process again.

  • Jess says:

    how do i get it to connect using WEP encryption?
    im sorry im not a very technical person when it comes to internet and livebox’s

  • Sammy says:

    Hi, I had the same problem as others i.e followed the instructions, but then had long wait while it tried to connect followed by error code 52100.

    But… Thanks to the King of the Castle, it is fixed. The problem was that I was entering the “IP address” where it said ip address instead of entering the “DHCP server end address” as instructed by the king. Without being in anyway patronising, suggest try agaian and make sure you follow the Kings advice to the letter.

    Thank you so much. I am so very happy now.


  • abbie says:

    hi, tried doing this but where is the nintendo wfc settings.

    i sound like a total plonk but cant find it anywhere.

    reply back

  • abbie says:

    hi again i dont have mariokart but can i still do it with another game

    reply back

  • tara says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks to the very long list :) We recently moved over to an Orange livebox system and I just could not get the DS working on it no matter what I tried. This did the trick!

    Re Error Code 52100: if anyone else is getting it, make sure you have the wep key EXACTLY RIGHT, mine (which Orange gave me!) was off by one digit which I didn’t realize until I took a close look at the online config and happened to notice my printed one was different.

  • tommy says:

    i did this but then my sisters laptop couldnt connect, and as my sister kept complaining i had to change it all back, therefore i couldnt play online with my DS, how can i still play on my DS online when she still has a conncection to the internet? please tell me, e-mail me if you have an answer @ i know its a long email add, just copy and paste

  • Josh says:

    I used your instructions to link the wii with my livebox. now going to link DS, i have one query, in your instructions you advise to press button 1 on the back of the live box,if i push this button will i lose my wii connection cos i also pushed button 1 when i linked the wii. thanks

  • No, you’ll be fine. You have to press ‘1’ whenever you want to add a new laptop, Wii, PC etc.. It puts the Livebox into pairing mode which allows it to connect to extra devices.

    Good luck!

  • Josh says:

    Thanks for that, now got Wii, DS, DS lite all linked up. I have been trying for months without success, with your instructions it’s taken me about 15 minutes in total, got a very happy Son now. Thanks again your a miracle worker.

  • Tony says:

    Works for all my families DS’s with Orange Livebox, thanks for the great page!

  • sthcoast says:

    HI ,first of all thanks , wii works online fine .
    but my sons laptops do not conect wireless to the livebox router , can you help plzzzzzzz

  • Rob says:

    everyone having problems switching from WEP to WPA, once you have sorted your DS/Wii settings and connected ok, turn off your console and go back to your livebox settings and switch back to ‘WPA or WEP security’ then you should be able to connect both your DS and any other things that require WPA to your livebox. Should be ok then because i had same problem but now its all good! =D contact me at if this works 4 u! Cheers

  • Rowan says:

    Heya just to say I got everything working now, DS, Wii & the 2 laptops on Wireless. Thank you to Rob’s recommendation because the DS receives the WEP connection while the rest receive the WPA. :)

  • Gin says:

    Thanks man it really did help :P ! First time i had my DS connected to my Livebox but after a while i reset the modem for PS3 Purpose and i couldnt get my DS working for 3 months with the livebox :P ! thanks alot man now i can multiplayer again ^^ ! Really good guide for Orange Livebox users !

  • Kayleigh says:

    Ive tried this but cannot find the buttons on the Livebox :S
    Ive tried testing the connection without pressing any and it doesnt work. Do all Livebox’s have the buttons? :S

  • Jake Atkinson says:

    Great Just What I Was Looking For :)

    Thank You

    Best Wishes


  • Akual says:

    helluuu! i think most of the people [(I)] that have the 51300 error are forgetting to enter the mac adress inside the livebox configurations… so just to point out that people must not forget to add the mac adress of the nintendo ds which is found in the system information like ‘kingofmycastle’ said and enter in the the livebox mac adress configuration…

    thanks a Lot helped me a lot…. take care mate

  • akual says:

    kayliegh sometimes the button 1 is called ‘REG’ … depends of which livebox you have…

  • cameront10 says:

    thnks dude u are better than the nds itself

  • louise says:

    thank u so much, my boyfriend couldnt believe it when i talked him through your guide and it worked!! u should apply for a job at orange cos they have not got a clue!

  • Ash Doherty says:

    Hello Castle,
    I followed your great steps completely,
    and when I go to test connection, it says “Unable to connect to an access point confirm Nintendo WFC connection settings and access point settings. For help, visit

    Please help, I have found my livebox through my DS and everything, typed in my WEP, ip, dns, etc

    Please reply because I really want to go online

  • Razor says:

    If any of you guyz have issues connecting to any wireless laptop etc when you have completed the above intructions please DELETE your current wifi connection in ‘view Available Wireless Networks’ then ‘change advanced settings’ then click the middle tab ‘Wireless Networks’ and remove your current network/s. After that search for available networks an re-enter you WEP key, and you should be up and running. You will have to do this for any laptops or machines you where running prior to the DS being set up on your livebox.
    Hope this helps?

  • Barry Walker says:

    Many thanks, sorted out my connection problems in minutes. I’ve been struggling for 4 weeks.
    Much appreciated.

  • Daron says:

    Hey – just followed those instructions, sound mate – the mrs had been hassling me for ages to do this, and to be honest I wouldn’t have been able to do it without this guide.

  • Judith says:

    You are a complete star KingOfMyCastle and I think I love you.

    Thank you so much for this, and all the other posters above who clarified various things re buttons 1 and 2 on the livebox and IP end addresses.

  • Karen says:

    Thanks for this, you’re a genius… I have pulled my hair out trying to do this

  • Callum says:

    thank you soo mutch.. i already have a ds and the connections worked fine but my new dsi didnt connect.. but with your brilliant guide i followed step by step and it worked .. thank you soo mutch. :)

  • Yair says:

    right i cant connect my dsi and i’ve done everything help!!:(

  • Jamie says:

    Thanks for the step by step, best one I’ve seen in ages.

    My only problem is, I can find my livebox on the DS, only it has a grey padlock next to it. I know you’ve said to go onto that link and use “admin” as the password and username, but I’m worried that will disconnect my laptop from the orange internet if I change any of the settings, as when I first got the laptop it took about a month to get all the settings just right on the laptop for it to connect. If something went wrong and it disconnected my laptop, i think i would probably end up topping myself :S

    will everything be fine on my laptop and xbox if i change it back to default settings?

  • DAN says:

    Worked for me too- thanks very much. Efffortless

  • sam says:

    omfg… dude thankyou soooo much i was trying to do this for hours then found this guide this was very helpful made me get this done in about 2-3mins thankyou soo much.

  • nice Work on this interesting blog :D

  • Leon Burnley says:

    Brilliant!! Used your site for the wii and ds!! Worked a charm!! You’d have thought it’d be easier but hey-ho, thank the lord for peeps like yourself!!;)

  • Paul Lanfermeijer says:

    GREAT !!
    Borowed the Wii from my daughter and couldn’t get acces to Internet ….. bur now it works!!


  • Jordan says:

    Thanks this really helped, I used to be able to connect and then my router got messed up. Managed to get connected using this guide. Thank you!

  • tom says:

    thank u it worked fine

  • Joe says:

    when i search for an access point and the name of wireless connections come up, my connection comes up with a grey padlock. when i try and connect to it , it says ” the access point’s security settings are not supported by the nintendo ds.” what should i do?

  • ryan says:

    when i change it from wpa to wep my brothers laptop loses connection what should i do

  • Newkee says:

    Hello, i have the livebox 2 and cannot connect, have followed your instructions but theres no button on the back of the livebox to to sync the dsi up with, i remember having to do this with the first livebox – any suggestions ? – ive tried virtually everything, the dsi pais up with the livebox and is there in the admin panel but still wont connect.

  • Newkee says:

    ET VOILA !!!!!!

    I followed your instructions, it didnt matter that there was no pairing button on my livebox, ive just got connection and oh isnt it a lovely feeling when after a week of trying you eventually get there !!
    Thanks all for your input, one very happy person.

  • Rachael says:

    I don’t know what the values are how do I find this out?

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