Poker game #5

Posted on July 28th, 2005 at 3:36 pm

I was unlucky during the last daytime game. I got a bunch of Swedes and an unlucky hand. Maybe it’ll be second time lucky. So I’m gonna play a $10 STT again. And great, the table I’m on is predominantly British.

Five hands in and I win 400 chips. It could have gone anyway so there’s a bit of luck on my side. Current chip leader!! But some real aggressive raises going on. I’ve got to careful. Its a marathon not a sprint.

Great, I’m on 4000 chips as two others go all in and I end up with three of a kind (3s).

Just had JQ of clubs but was asked to go all in. Good job I didn’t as the winner had three Jacks. Playing good at the moment. The aggressive raisers are being knocked out – my cautious strategy seems to be working. Still chip leader – seven players left.

Gah! I’m out. My two pair K5 didn’t beat three fives. I was sure he was bluffing. That one was my fault. :(

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