Poker game #6

Posted on July 30th, 2005 at 3:07 pm

Down to my last $5. So playing a $5 STT. $25 for the winner. Maybe I can make some money out of this.

Nothing for the first 8 hands then I get two pair and win a big pot. Going well. Then I lose 700 with pocket Q’s, the other guy gets a flush draw. It could have been worse.

Gah, a straight on the river beat my two pair. Down to 900 chips which is the lowest on the table.

Now down to 450, I have eight deals left where I’m gonna have to go all in on one of them. After 6 deals I’ve had no cards. Now got a Q and J I have to go all in. And I win! Back to 900!! The blinds are going up though so I’m pretyy much back to the same position, where I need to go all in again soon.

I go all in with A4, my opponent has A3. An A and 4 turn up on the flop and I’m up to 1300! But still under pressure. A small win takes me up to 1600 with 6 players left. Still not good, blinds now 400.

All in with AQ and I win with three As. Up to 2000 and not last anymore!! I win again and I’m on 3000. Now on 3500, its going well. Need to keep my head. Its fast and frantic.

Excellent, I’m in the last three!! The blinds are 1000 now which makes going from chip leader to last place take about 20 seconds and vice versa. But then I’m out :( Oh well, I won $10 which puts me back in the overall game. Seems I have much more luck on these $5 tables so I’ll stick to them for now. My bank is at $10.

Oh, and anyone interested in playing some poker online should eMail me. Me and you will get commission if I sign you up. ($25 for you!)

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