Grand National 2007

Posted on April 13th, 2007 at 9:03 pm

I’ll update this at various points tomorrow but so far here are the four horses standing out for me:
L’AMI: 14-1
SIMON: 16-1

If you’d like to bet online then please click on the link on the right side of the page, thanks!

Well I’ve had a complete change of mind. After the last few years of success I don’t know who will win. Mainly due to the heat and the firmness (oo-er) this year will be a bigger lottery than usual.

I can’t choose a winner from four horses so I put on a four-way accumulator which should allow me to retire if it comes in. Here are the first four horses: L’AMI, SIMON, IDLE TALK & NUMBERSIXVALVER. Remember they ALL have to finish in the first four.

The actual horse I put £8 to win on was POINT BARROW at 11-1. That’ll get me £100 if it comes in.

My main each way bet is £7 on MONKERHOSTIN at 25-1.

I also have £2 each ways on GRAPHIC APPROACH and KNOWHERE.

Here’s hoping I can turn that £30 into something more! Good luck everybody!

MONKERHOSTING and POINT BARROW have now moved to joint favourites at 8-1. Lucky I fixed the odds. Five minutes to go!

Crying baby
Gah! How disappointing. All three favourites (two that I backed) didn’t even make it over the first few jumps. AND West Ham are losing. Can it get any worse?!

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