Friday Round-up

Posted on October 27th, 2006 at 10:11 am

It's a goal
Did you enjoy football manager games? Well if so then please sign up to the new free It’s A Goal multiplayer online manager game.
I’ve played the old It’s A Goal but this is new and improved. Just register at the site, look at your email and then click ‘club’ and create your team. I’m in Division 4 of the Manta league, team name Castle King FC.

Does anybody ever mention a music track and you just can’t remember how it goes? Well now you can using Music Plus. Just type in the name of the track and it’ll search the internet and bring you back and mp3s it finds in a handy online music player, there’s no downloads at all. So, for example, type in ‘Dury Wake’ and it’ll return Ian Dury’s Wake Up and Make Love To Me for you to play. A brilliant tool.

Do you need some cute animals? Well check out Panda Cam brought to you live from Atlanta Zoo.

Wow! Look at this photo of Saturn. Yes, it’s real. Taken during an eclipse from behind the planet. Earth is the small dot in between the rings at the top left.

And finally, the Mozilla Firefox 2.0 internet browser was released this week. It seems better than the older version and has less memory problems. So grab yourself a copy here.

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