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Posted on October 17th, 2006 at 5:31 pm

I’m looking forward to the i-360 if it ever gets built. Standing at the top of Sussex Heights, which I believe at 25 floors is the tallest building in England south of the Thames, you get an amazing view of Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas. You get a sense that this town isn’t just a glorified seaside resort but something more. Here’s some computer imagery of the i-360 in situ:

Looking towards the coast from Hollingbury Hill Sussex Heights sticks out above the city yet the i-360 will be even taller than the hill itself. I’ll have to get over my medium-level fear of heights before I’ll go up in it though. And I wont be going on a windy day, thats for sure.

Brighton has a long history of weird and wonderful architecture that’s different from the norm. This is why I support the building of the Frank Gehry buildings at the site of the King Alfred. I also quite like this new design for Medina House just 100 metres towards Brighton – full story at The Argus:
Medina House Hove Plates Architecture

Stormy high tides at Brighton

As long as we still get these views I think we should build every weird and wonderful design that comes along. This is Brighton not Eastbourne.

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  • Andy says:

    Now that I’m a Hampshire resident I should point out that the spinnaker tower in Portsmouth is 170m high – but you could argue that its not a “building”. I doubt it had any of the controversy of a tall building in Brighton – there’s not much you could do to actually spoil the skyline down this way.

  • Gavin Ayling says:

    The anti-nimbys must shout louder than the nimbys – that is the answer…

  • Tom Bee says:

    Ghery’s design proposed for the site of Medina House is hideous. It looks like a pile of washing up. The guy is a lunatic. Why not get some local, aspiring architect to do something interesting, or just leave the beautiful Medina House well alone. i don’t want to live in a city where lunatics from new York are paid millions to mess up our city, just because he’s famous does not mean he’s a decent architect. If he had an ounce of integrity he would refuse to build on the site of the infinitely more beautiful Medina house.

  • That redesign of Medina House is not by Gehry.

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