My Easter Message

Posted on April 16th, 2006 at 4:38 pm

If you have 20 minutes spare then play the Name The Album game, from the Cool Blue Shed blog. You’re given an album cover and you have to guess the artist and album name from four options. I scored 70/100 which was higher than I thought I’d get. Let me know what you score.

Play the original Commodore 64 version of Rick Dangerous on your browser. Playing this now is so frustrating but I loved it as a kid. I think we’re spoiled nowadays with save points in games. Also on that site is an extremely violent animation which is worth checking out.

Introducing the Moscow Cat Theatre:
Moscow cat Theatre
I really want to see that!

Bought my first album in ages. Crazy P (formally Crazy Penis) with Night of Earth. Sounds like they’ve gone a bit Goldfrappy of late but still perfect deep house jazz musings going on in the background.

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