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Posted on February 27th, 2006 at 5:54 pm

Clever: Guardian IQ test. It says I should be earning £100,000+.

Strange: Subliminal message in Jingle Bells. This is weird, you play Jingle Bells backwards and you hear some extremely satanic messages.

Film: Kevin Smith on Superman. Online video with Kevin Smith discussing his script for Superman.

Tech: Why your Skype quality may be getting worse. It’s the ISPs fault!

TV: Great review of the Comic Strip DVD box set. I’m on the last 2 disks now.

Ultra-Tech: Quantum Computer solves problem without running. Ouch, that made my head hurt.

Wallpaper: Get your V for Vendetta wallpaper here. I’ve had this as my screen saver for weeks now. Hope the movie turns out to be as good as I’d like it to.

Oscars: Long Interview with the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart from The Observer.

You can also see the Daily Show’s Demetri Martin take a look at the MySpace phenomenon below. Oh, and if it keeps stop-starting then click the pause button for a minute and then press play.

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  • julian says:

    listen mate, if you can get out of bed and keep off the Russian lagers in the pub you could possibly earn 92k

  • KingOfMyCastle says:

    I managed to get out of bed today before 10! And no Russian lagers for over a week, although I’ve had a few German ones.

    Started my business today! I’m now a sole trader. Website, business cards and work coming soon.

    I’ll squeeze in your website later this week.

  • Mariko says:

    I admire you guys’ lead a sober life! Have you tried Japanesed KIRIN and ASAHI beer yet? Julian! Try Asahi when you go to Japan this year!

  • julian says:

    mariko, this is not a beer forum. When i go to Japan this year i will check out Japanese tings for sure… more than checking Asahi/Kirin/ of which i have done on draught anyway.

  • Mariko says:

    Very well, Julian…

  • julian says:

    wely werr maliko…gei no denwa sodam ga arimasuka nihon niwa?

  • Mariko says:

    Sorry John, I used your blog like this but Julian… Would you please tell me who taught you such a strange Japanese???

  • Mariko says:

    I just wrote Japanese but I wonder if you guys can see it? Maybe not… John, sorry again!!! I will stop now!

  • julian says:

    wow. blimey im having a pint

  • Mariko says:

    Hang on, Come to think of it, you said you will stop drinking for this month, didn’t you…? but you had have more then 5 Russian today!

  • julian says:

    after the weekend mariko there is no beer for me. i have involvement with Russian’s either. kind regards.julian

  • julian says:

    no involvement with Russians rather. j

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