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Posted on January 23rd, 2006 at 2:38 pm

I made this for fellow blogger Gavin Ayling. The original bottom line should say “Support Israel”.
Support Israel Fight Terror Build A Wall

Here is a list of some Brighton pub opening times. I think we need to add The Windmill and The Hampton to that list (thanks to Gav for the link).

I’ve added the Saucy Panties blog to the blogroll on the left sidebar. This may not be safe for work!

And here’s a link to an interesting football story. Its a real Soccernet/ESPN page.

Want to know more about your surname? Well visit Spatial Literacy and it’ll draw a map of the UK showing the densities of your name. Looks like there’s lots of Kings in Hampshire for some reason.

Bored? Then take a little visit to It’s part of the Make Bono History Now Campaign. Probably work safe but uses a few rude words – oh!

Too many people on the planet? Is there a solution? Yes! Visit The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement and do your bit for the planet.

UPDATE: Just been sent this from Rich. Here’s his version:
Fight Terror Support Israel Smoke Da Weed

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