October Stats

Posted on November 1st, 2005 at 2:40 pm

Excellent, another busy month here on KingOfMyCastle. I had over 1000 unique visitors which I’m really glad about. Now if I could turn that into cash I’d be well happy. If you read this blog now and again you can help me out by clicking the Google adverts on the right. If everyone visiting this today clicked a few of those adverts I could make a few quid! :)

Unique visitors: 1471
Hits: 19579

Here’s the fantasy football situation:

Daily Telegraph League: position 1263 (out of 260,000) , thats in the top 0.5%.
Kevin Isaac’s League: position 1 (out of only 9 this year).
Yahoo Fantasy Football: position 1196 (out of around 100,000), top 1%.
Free Fantasy Football: position 1919 (out of ?? – probably 20,000), top 10%.

The less said about online poker the better. I was cleared out. :(

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