SummerTrax 2005

Posted on October 28th, 2005 at 12:06 pm

Start the weekend off why not download my SummerTrax Vol.1 mp3 mix which I’ve just uploaded. Its full off summer goodness.

SummerTrax Vol.1 by John King

1. Ananda Project – Cascades of Color – Wamdue Black Mix (Nitegrooves)
2. Yukihiro Fukutomi – Peace (Pantone)
3. Ground Level – Beautiful – Feel The Beauty Mix (Dialogue)
4. Reel People feat. Jag – Second Guess – Grant Nelson Mix (Papa)
5. DJ Chus & David Penn – Sunshine – Mediterranean Mix (Black Vinyl)
6. DJD pres. The Hydraulic Dogs – Shake It For Me (Influence)
7. Ian Pooley – The Fly Shuffle (NRK)
8. Tiefschwarz – Acid Soul (Classic)
9. Cassius & Steve Edwards – The Sound Of Violence – Reggae Rock Mix (Virgin)
10. Spektrum – Kinda New – Tiefschwarz Dub Mix (Nonstop)
11. Audio Bullys – The Things – Janitor Mix (Source 360)
12. The Thief – Beautiful Day – Visti & Meyland Mix (BNoise)

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  • i think there are too many questions to register on that site…

  • KingOfMyCastle says:

    Oh, I didn’t know you had to register.

    Tick all the questions No – and set up a dummy email account. I use for all my registration needs ;)

  • sam says:

    Mixupload is a free service, if everyone starts to exploit all our hard work dont count on us to stay online forever…


  • Sam says:

    Btw John I really like your mixes :-)

  • Well I can keep setting up dummy accounts – but i can”t remember all the names and passwords I use , that’s my memory is terrible…by the way’ SAM’..what was the hard work you put in to ‘mixupload’ and do you register all the tracks with PRS ? Let me know as I am curious. My PID NO is 0102209665. Any further Publishing enquiries please contact BMG/SONY MUSIC PUBLISHING.

  • KingOfMyCastle says:

    Hi Sam, really love the service you provide. You’ll be glad to know that I used my ‘real’ eMail when I registered with you.

    V2.0 is definitly looking good and the podcast ability is a great feature. Top site.

  • it is a good mix…

  • Sam says:

    Haven’t got a clue what you mean… For any advertising/commercial questions please contact my by e-mail sam [at] mixupload [dot] com ! In answer to your question the hard work involves coding the site, promoting it and paying the server…

    KingOfMyCastle, glad to hear that you like the V2 ;-) Alot of more cool stuff to come, whatch this space !

    Take care guys,


  • i always like a bit of banter on John’s’s the northerner in me…

    peace.. j

  • Lisa says:

    I just love that pic of you lot doing flips at the Shagfest party last summer. Am I soppy or what?

  • Deb says:

    great mix. Great photo too! Where did you get it from??

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