New Phone Fun!

Posted on August 10th, 2005 at 4:27 pm

So I have my new phone now, and its great! The coverage of 3 in my area is fine and I’ve only dropped the signal once, where my previous Orange phone didn’t work either.

6630 Nokia

So far I’ve uploaded a screensaver, Bust-A-Move, Yahtzee, Minesweeper, mp3s, movies and some file utilities. I can now convert any movie formats to the 3gp format the phone uses.

I’ll be adding a utitity called OggPlayer which will plays music in the ogg format, which is half the size of an mp3.

I’ve also downloaded a game called The Journey II which apparently needs you to leave the house to play it, I’ll explain more if I get it to work.

Finally, I need some help choosing my ringtone. Here are a few I’ve made from tracks off CDs. What one should I use?

Presence – Favour Nothing
Krome and Time – Sounds of the Underground
John Arnold – Respectall
Oliver Ho – Sacred Object

Let me know by clicking on the comments link just below this post. And just right click and ‘Save As’ if you want to use it for your own phone.

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  • I’m sad to write this, but you have taken this blog all too far mate…

  • Piss off back to Womad! ;)

    Now be useful and tell me what Ringtone I should have.

  • jade says:

    I have to agree with Julian

  • jade says:

    Although the info on swinging was very useful

  • Mariko says:

    I like ‘Presence’ best but I think ‘Krome..’ and ‘Oliver..’ seem yourself….

  • Kerry says:

    ah- that phone.

    i have some stuff i downloaded for my 6600, believe u can even get n-gage games to run on it.

    As for the ring tone – work it out for your bloody self! (from another bolshy submitter!)

  • JJ says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I reckon you can’t go wrong with a traditional “ring ring”!! ;)

    It’s a funny looking phone mate, but I think you’ve made the right move keeping with Nokia! My Motorola v600 looked alright to start off with but it’s actually really crap. Texting is so painful I rarely do it these days.

    I’ve gotta choose a new one this month and I’m going back to Nokia, may also switch to Vodafone too as Orange is crap cross-country on my drive to work!

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