Poker game #3

Posted on July 27th, 2005 at 3:31 pm

Okay, change of tactic. I’m now gonna play a Multi Table Tournament (MTT). This is where instead of just the one table there are loads of them. Its only a $3 entry but you can win an awful lot if you end up in the last 5. This is also a Turbo Tournament which means that you only have 10 seconds to make your mind up; call, raise or fold, usually you have 30 seconds.

I’ve played a few MTTs and done okay but I’ve never been in the last 10, although I’ve managed to double my money some times. These games can go on for about three hours and you get a little rest break after each hour.

The number of players for this tournament are 441. And the best 40 get paid so thats less than a 1/10 chance of making some money. 40th place gets you $7, 5th place gets you $90 and 1st place wins you $380. But you have to keep reminding yourself its only a $3 stake. And playing aggressively is the key here.

Good start. 4 hands in and I take someone out with two pair Q and Ks. They went all in to scare me off but I had the goods. I’ve now doubled my chips. Stats say I’m in 50th place out of 350 players.

I take another player out with a running flush, my first ever. I’m now past 4000 chips and in 30th place out of 250. People are going “all in” all the time. Its mayhem.

I’m lucky again and my chips go up to 6000. Was offered all in on my three of a kind but pulled out. Lucky as the guy had a straight. Another close shave. He could have been bluffing. And now a guy has been moved to our tabel with 20,000 chips! I hate that.

Had two pairs of fours in a row and lost both times. Now down to 2100 chips. Need to make someone pay now. This is where you have to be a bit reckless. It’s now 900 to see the flop so I’m all in soon.

Gah, I’m out in 117th place. I had KQ diamonds and went all in. Someone had an ace and it came up on the flop so he won with the top pair. Its a mugs game! My pot is now $32

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