Poker game #2

Posted on July 27th, 2005 at 2:41 pm

Right, this’ll be my first ever daytime poker game. The idea is that this is the time housewives and students are playing. Easy pickings? Probably not but its worth a go. I’m gonna use the $9 I won last time to play a $10 Single Table Tournament. Like last time thats 10 players who each pay $10 at the beginning and fight it out to the death. Thats $50 to the winner and $30 and $20 to the runners up. Here goes.

Well firstly I can’t see any students or housewives. Everybody is from Sweden on my table. Towns such as Simrishamn, Umea and Motala. A quick check on Google and they’re all Swedish towns. I tell a lie, there are two people from Wolverhampton and Bradford – I could still be lucky.

Jack And Ten of diamonds – not bad. A 7 & 8 are on the flop. I have a possible run if a 9 pops up. It doesn’t. I’m down 150.

On my next hand I get dealt a pair of jacks. One guy is betting strong but I go for it. The flop hasn’t given us anything better than a 9. He goes all in. So do I. And he has a pair of aces, damn, the best hand possible. The turn and river fail to provide a Jack and I’m out. All in 3 minutes.

Its hard to know if I made the wrong decision. In hindsight yes, but he would have needed either a pair of Queens, Kings or Aces to beat me. And they dont come around all the time. And a win that early would have deinitly put me in control of the table. Oh well, easy come easy go :( My balance now stands at $35.

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