Nintendo Wii Roadshow

Posted on November 18th, 2006 at 1:54 pm

Today I checked out the Nintendo Wii Roadshow happening down at Churchill Square shopping centre. The installation looked great consisting of four demonstration sections each running different games. I’ve laid down a deposit for one of these the moment the release date was announced, being a new Nintendo convert, but this was my first look at the console in action.
Nintendo Wii demonstration at Churchill Square, Brighton. 1 Nintendo Wii demonstration at Churchill Square, Brighton. 2
My first impressions? Not good. I was told about the demo but the knowledgeable staff at GameStation on Western Road. They knew all the titles that would be available on the launch date and mentioned the possibility of a midnight opening – that would be my first ever. Ha! What a nerd. But spending 15 minutes with the Wii team took the wind out of my sails a little.

It wasn’t due to the hardware. This looked great and the remote control looked responsive, if a little difficult to master. The games on display looked fine, if not as detailed as it’s Xbox 360 rival, and all the passer-by players seemed to be having fun. Unfortunately a group of kids seemed to be hogging the controls so there was no go for me. I may try again tomorrow morning.

What was really disappointing was the staff running the setup. The first member I talked didn’t know the name of the game they were demonstrating, a kid standing next to me had to tell me. Another member of staff couldn’t tell me if the game they were demonstrating, Wii Sports, came bundled with the console, cue another kid telling me it does. One of the team was asleep! Ha! It did look like they were all out on the lash the night before. The other demonstrator seemed to be enjoying his Nintendo DS so much he just sat on the sofa playing it for the 10 minutes I was there. Now I know why sales teams have commission incentives.

All this means that passers by who could have been tempted to buy one for Christmas have probably decided not to. Without having a go with the controllers the Wii looked as standard as one of those 50-games-on-a-joystick you plug into your TV. And the staff, well the ones who were awake anyway, wouldn’t have been able to answer their questions anyway. But still I can’t wait till December the 8th. Just like Cartman in this clip from South Park.

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