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Posted on May 20th, 2006 at 5:32 pm

Check out the superb Saddam and Osama Cartoon!

The Isle Of Thanet, where I grew up, could have been called The Isle of Death if historians are to be believed. Actually, you’ld probably call it that if you took a day trip there in the Winter. Check the BBC history video out (choose ‘The Isle of Death’ at the top right of that page). And yes, that is what people in Thanet sound like.

Police Officers discovered a sex cult in Darlington based around a 60’s science fiction novel. The group, called Kaotians, follow the Chronicles of Gor novels which depict a society where women are dominated. Quote: “But the majority of women in our organisation are obviously slaves because women have a submissive streak in them.” It’s always the same, I always find out about these sex cults after they hit the news. BBC News and The Sun.

And I hope you’re reading this website using Firefox and not Internet Explorer. Here’s an article on why Microsoft shot themselves in the foot by continuing to make IE instead of focussing on their operating systems. To download Firefox easily and for free then click the little Firefox button at the top right of my website.

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