Poker game #7

Posted on July 31st, 2005 at 3:50 pm

Playing another daytime $5 STT. If I dont win anything here then I’ll only be left with enough money to play a 3$ Multi Table Tournament. Fingers crossed.

First ten hands are going slow. People are raising to about 200 before each flop so I’m kind of leaving them to it. So far I’ve been lucky as the flops have not been advantageous to me. Had a couple of small wins though so I’m slightly up. I’m in third place, with two empty chairs. Now three empty chairs. Now four! Its so aggressive but I seem to be playing correctly.

Not much going on on my front but other players are being taken out. If I can just sit back until a good hand comes along. Now 4th out of 4, can I hold on?

Great, just went all in and doubled up. I had KQ clubs and they had pocket tens. A K and Q came up on the flop. And for the next hand I win again. Now in 2nd place with 6000 chips! But its all going off. Now all three of us are on 5000 chips. Its getting frantic – and I dont want third place again.

And then finally it all goes well. I get up to 10000 chips by being a bit of a bully and then its easy to take the others out. I’m the winner!!!!! At last :) The bank is now at $29

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