Design By Humans T-shirts

Posted on June 15th, 2008 at 6:14 pm

Fed up of badly made, badly designed, expensive t-shirts? Well worry no more as now there is a unique t-shirt store based in the US that will always have a design you like.

Design By Humans selects five designs each week to become part of their collection. It then also selects designs of the week and the month. The current design of the week is this one:
t-shirt of the week

Most of these t-shirts are $24(US). If you buy two t-shirts the shipping costs to the UK are $14(US), which makes $62(US) in total which is around £16 per t-shirt. There’s no import tax on that and it comes in a high quality parcel that will always survive the journey.

The quality of the material is amazing allowing the print to last much longer than shirts I’ve bought in the UK. To take a look at the huge range of t-shirts they have then just follow this link.

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  • juan barberos says:

    Sweet tip. Those shirts look great and the price is right ! Count me as a new customer of DBH.

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