May round up

Posted on May 28th, 2008 at 9:18 pm

Ah, time to do a post I think. Here’s a collection of things I’ve been looking at this month:

Superb ambient Spot The Difference game. I did this in about 30 minutes, without cheating once! Give it a go.

Next time Brighton and Hove Council do something to get on your nerves just let them know about this story: Brighton and Hove City Council spent nearly £60,000 on mineral water in just a year.

A game! Run your dinosaur away from the exploding volcano using the cursor keys in Dino Run!

Charlie Brooker on Battlestar Gallactica. Probably in my top 5 shows last year.

Want to know how Alan Moore writes a comic script? Well it’s very detailed. Read his full script to Batman: Killing Joke here.

Interview with Ice-T, from The Guardian.

Aphex Twin and others who put images actually into their songs. Bit technical but clever though.

Billy Bragg on A Different Strand of Socialism, from The Guardian.

Looking at The Wire and Modern American Urban Areas. Nice video of this discussion.

Mark Steel’s article on an anti-war protest which wasn’t printed in The Independent because of their lawyers.

And finally some great sound effects. This should follow all my jokes: Instant Rimshot. And this whenever someone makes a mistake: Sad Trombone.

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