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Posted on March 29th, 2007 at 9:01 pm

Call me a pessimist but after looking at all the proposed major developments suggested for Brighton I think we’ll be lucky if we even see one of them actually be built. Falmer Stadium, The i-360, Frank Gehry’s Buildings and the Marina Developments should all be built. Brighton has always prided itself on it’s progressive architecture. All the moaners should clear off to Eastbourne where they belong.

If only the controversy created by the Gehry Buildings could be mirroredby more important issues. The letters to The Argus around this issue always make me laugh. And for once I agree with the council and developers views.

The latest idea is of The Wireless City. “The city council is considering installing a WiFi network covering central Brighton next year which would be extended later across the entire city.” Another nice idea but I can’t see it happening. Almost free phone calls around town would be nice though.

Unfortunatly, one of the most spectacular scenes in the whole of Sussex is slowly being eradicated. Last October there were around 30% of the Starlings that have normally appeared on The West Pier. I think the council should blow a few quid on making this Victorian relic a bit more Starling friendly. I’m sure you could sort that out for £100K.

In other news I saw this advertsing slogan for a new games exhibition:
Lets hope nobody gets the wrong idea about that!

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  • Gavin Ayling says:

    Absolutely agree and, embarassingly, it’s the Greens and Tories getting in the way!

    Still enjoying the Wii? I revisited Red Steel the other and I’m enjoying it now.

  • Lori says:

    The wireless city is an awesome thing! The fair place that I live in is ranked in the top 10 wifi cities in the US. It’s good for obvious reasons, but can be bad when you walk into a bar on a Friday night, and everyone has their laptops open. Sometimes I wonder if their chatting to each other through their computers, or if it’s with other people not in the building. These are the thoughts that keep me awake at night.

  • To Gavin. Yes, I’m still enjoying the Wii. I’ve been playing lots of Excitetruck over the last few weeks which is amazing. I took Tiger Woods 2007 back though as the control mechanism was hopeless.

    To Lori. Finally I too can be one of those annoying people tapping away at my laptop rather than engaging in old skool conversation with people around me as I have a laptop now.

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