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Posted on February 9th, 2007 at 2:09 pm

A jetty at the end of Shoreham Harbour. Not sure if there were herons or cormorants sitting on top of those poles.

Shoreham Harbour Jetty

Sound 101 – Bad Vibes. Rate which sound is the worst.

A couple of non-spoiler scenes from The Wire on YouTube. Scene one featuring McNulty and Bunk contains some entertaining usage of the F word (as well nude images). Scene two features the character Omar Little, a man who’s occupation is stealing from drug dealers. Two of the funnier scenes in the series.

Charlie Brooker hates Macs, from The Guardian.

More YouTube! See this brilliant wedding reception dance where everyone acts out the Micheal Jackson video of Thriller. And see the funny highlights from this weeks My Name Is Earl featuring Catalina and Randy.

Sing In The Shower music generator.

From Fiachra Gibbons on the making of Last Resort, a film set in Margate:
“You have to feel sorry for Margate. There it is, stuck out like an untended boil on the backside of Kent, disowned by its solidly respectable neighbours, Ramsgate and Broadstairs, whose facades seem pulled in a permanent rictus of displeasure and embarrassment at its coarse proletarian pleasures. All through the 1980s, London councils dumped the mad and the bad – their undeserving poor – into the empty bucket-and-spade guesthouses along its broad bay. Even they didn’t stay.”

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