How to connect your Wii to an Orange Livebox

Posted on December 8th, 2006 at 4:57 pm

If you’re one of the lucky people to own a Nintendo Wii and have Orange Broadband, formerly Wanadoo, with a Livebox and have had problems getting online using Nintendo Wi-Fi then these tips may help.

First, you have to log on to your Livebox admin control panel using your PC. You can do this by using this URL in your internet brower: http://configuration.adsl/index2.html
When promted for your username and password use ‘admin’ and ‘admin’ if you can’t remember ever changing it before. Make a note of your Livebox name. Mine is WANADOO-B7E8.

Now go to Security -> Firewall and turn the setting to Low (disabled) and press ‘submit’. As long as you have a firewall on your PC then it’ll still be safe.

UPDATE: I no longer think you need to do this last step. The default MEDIUM position should be fine.

Then go to Configuration -> Advanced -> Wireless and make sure your setting is ‘WEP security only’. ‘WEP and WPA’ may also work but unless you’re running a WPA encrytped device it’s unnecessary.

Now go to Security -> WEP Connection and make a note of your WEP Security Key. Keep the letter in CAPS as they wont work otherwise. It should be 26 characters long.

Turn on your Wii and go to the Wii Options (bottom left) then select ‘Wii Settings’. Now select ‘Internet’ and then ‘Connection Settings’. Select ‘Connection 1’ and then ‘Wireless Connection’.

Select ‘Search for an Access Point’. The Wii Now looks around for all the signals it can find. Press ‘OK’ and choose the one that matches the Livebox name we wrote down earlier. Move your Wii pointer over the password area and using the virtual Wii keyboard type in your WEP Security Key you found earlier. Press CAPS to make it easier, the number is in Hex so all the characters will be from 0 to 9 or A to F, no ‘I’s or ‘O’s please. *Do next step before anything else.

Go to your actual Livebox itself and look for two little black buttons in a small panel at the back. Press ‘1’, the one on the left. You now have 10 minutes in which to connect your Wii.

Back at the Wii hit ‘Yes’, then ‘OK’, then ‘OK’, then ‘OK’ again. The Wii will now test the connection. Hopefully after 30 seconds you’ll get a ‘The connection test was successful’ message. Well done!

You can now decide whether to perfom a Wii system update, I’d select ‘Yes’ if I were you. The Wii will then spend the next few minutes downloading the latest firmware. Now if you ever use a Wii service that needs the use of the Internet it will automatically connect. There’s no need to ever change any wi-fi settings again!

* Note, this site is not responsible for your Wii if anything were to go wrong with it by following the instructions here.

So, I hope that was of use to people out there. I’ve probably saved you a few hours of frustration or calls to Nintendo or Orange so feel free to send me a bit of cash using this nice little PayPal donate button here if you’re feeling generous or browse the online game stores featured above. Thanks! And have fun!

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  • Billy says:

    Thanks so much for your help with the Wii connection! Why on earth Nintendo and Orange can’t provide this kind of help is beyond me! Thanks again!

  • Jonny says:

    I’d send a paypal donation but I’m broke after buying my Wii (with only Sports and Play for now). Lots of love anyway!!! I had no idea about that silly button. Now I know why I’ve always had problems before. ^_^

  • Hey, no problems. I understand. It’s purely voluntary.

    Glad I got you online. Enjoy your Wii!!

  • Stan says:

    Hi Mate,

    I got my new Nintendo Wii on friday morning and have had great fun with it (although my body is a bit sore now! lol

    I also took delivery of and set up my Orange Livebox on the same day.
    Unfortunately I have tried with out success to connect my Wii to the internet. Every time I put in the Livebox Wep key I get ‘Error Code: 51330 – Unable to connect to the internet. Chose Internet settingings and then confirm your connection’. I have tried this upteen times since friday with no luck. Don’t suppose you have any ideas? I’d willingly make a paypal donation if you could solve my problem! :-)

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  • Hmm, you’ll have to start eliminating possibilities. Have you managed to get use the wi-fi on your Livebox with another device? Borrow a neighbours’ laptop if possible and see if you can log on using your WEP key.

    Also double check your Livebox firewall is turned off. Go to Security/Wireless Connection and check that that you have it broadcasting on channel 1 and Enable Wireless LAN is checked. Try channel 11 if you want.

    Go to Configuration/Update and check that the version is not less than v5.06.2-uk. You may just have to wait for firmware updates if so.

    There’s also the possibility that Nintendo’s own services are down. Try writing the WEP key down again (in HEX CAPS) and give it one more go later – remember to press the correct button (1) on the Livebox. It may just work.

    Good luck!

  • Chris says:

    Hi, I really appreciate these intstructions. However, for some reason this has left my laptop (and another networked PC) in a state of some confusion! The connection keeps dropping – not just dropping, but apparently ceasing to exist. The only thing that makes it come back (instantly) is re-entering the WEP key in the connection properties. Do you know what this could mean? Thanks for any help you can offer.

  • NT says:

    Hi, I think I got further by applying the above, but now I get the error 52030. Any help on this?

  • Chris: I think you’ll have to give each device it’s own IP address. See the link below.

    NT: Here’s some help on dealing with 52000 – 52999 errors:

  • littledib says:

    thanks for your help. it helped a hell of a lot. lol

  • Oli says:

    Where do I enter my wep key from the router on my Wii.

    A direct like walk through would be great.

    I.e Wii settings > internet > etc > etc > etc…

  • Yeah, I should write a whole post about that ;)

  • Adam says:

    Right, I followed all thesteps, got a 52030 error. I followed the link you gave and now I got a 51230 Error. Any help?

  • Adam says:

    Er, nevermind that last pos; I figured it out; but now I reiceve a error 32002, whch is apparantly not enough space. I’ve only played Wii sports and that surely can’t contain that much space, right?

  • Hmm, thats strange. Have a look at this site and tell me if it solves your problem:

    Good luck!

  • Adam says:

    Woo, changing the MTU t 1500 hundred worked, thanks.
    It’s updating now; here’s to good luck.

  • Adam... again says:

    RIght, updated once. Came up with System Update. Got stuck halfway through, read about it and restarted the Wii console. Now it isn’t finding the access point.
    Error 51030.

  • SimZZZZ says:

    Nice 1 for this guide. much appreciated

    I followed it through but kept getting error 51330, what I did was manually look for devices on the Wii and change the Wii settings to WEP only and it worked fine.updating the Wii now as I type this.


  • Aeris says:

    HiYa =-) I finally got my wii online with orange but my DS still wont connect with my livebox, when I go online with my DS it asks for a WEP Key and when I do enter it from my livebox it wont accept it. Any ideas? Thanks =-D

  • TheJJBear says:

    Hey Thanks very much for this great advice.
    Got my WII and followed the instructions,everything worked perfectly UNTIL i updated the wii then it would not connect lots of differrent error messages like Error 51030.
    So i deleted my connection from the wii and repeated the above process again now works perfect and the DS connects to the live box no problem as well.
    Orange should print this information as a help sheet that comes with the box and nintendo.

    Cheers and all the best theJJBear.

  • Mivanp says:

    Thank u for this info id nearly give up like the other fella said y dont ornage hav this info at hand save me alot of time and effort cheers again matty

  • Debs says:

    Hi – Thanks so much for this information – glad I found this just in time – I was about to give up !! THANKS AGAIN – Debs

  • KENZ says:

    Spent all sunday evening trying to get it to work..Found your site the following day and it took me 30mins..

    The magic button did the trick..and my 360 still works too..

    WII’s are fun but the 360 rules..PS3 does nothing for me

  • Graham says:

    The Wii will work with the orange Inventel Livebox using WPA security.

    On the livebox config screen http://configuration.adsl/index2.html

    under security wireless conection make a note of the WEP key

    then under configuration advanced wireless select WPA security, note paring time long enough to get from PC to Wii (say 60mins – can be reduced later once connected)and note down the Livebox Name.

    Under system information make a note of the primary and secondary DNS (under ADSN section).

    Press Button 1 on the Livebox (near USB master socket)

    You now have 60mins to set up your Wii where you need the following settings

    WPA-PSM(TKIP), Auto-Obtain IP Adress-Yes, Auto-Obtain DNS – No

    Enter Primary and secondary DNS obtained before

    Note this final step may need to be redone if the Livebox is switched off (at the mains) or if subjected to an orange update (to be confirmed).

  • Dawn says:

    Hey there this seems some good advice and i will be putting it into effect as soon as ive dropped the kids of at school. i neither can connect the wii so this will help loads.
    What i wouldnt mind though is … is there any help for connecting the nintendo ds?? im the same as aeris on this one, it just wont accept it. thought i could kill two birds with 1 stone so to speak. ;)
    Ans kingofmycastle, u r a genius…..thank you

  • Hi! I have full instructions on how to pair up your Nintendo DS to the Orange Livebox here:

  • Mitchell Edwards says:

    This website is the best along with Bramley Apple for livebox issues. Thanks guys. :D

  • Tim says:

    Graham, I can’t connect with WPA security! I followed those steps, typed in DNS etc, but it can’t connect to the internet. Is there a way to connect just finding my WPA password (which incidentally I cannot find).

  • Oli says:

    Cheers mate, i didnt realise u needed to press that stupid pairing button, thanks alot

  • dagan says:

    hi there King, ive tried what you suggested with the wep security, however if i select this then my laptop will no longer connect to the network, it says limited or no connectivity. obviously i dont want to have to change livebox settings every time when alternating between wii and laptop, any ideas on how this can be solved??

  • Tim says:

    Dagan, I had the same problem but solved it. The way to do it is to follow Graham’s steps- that way you have WAP security on your livebox, can connect to your wii and your internet connection should also be absolutely fine. Give it a shot, should work.

  • dagan says:

    hi there, tks Tim just got home from work and tried it and it worked straight away and laptop still up and running hence posting this, tks to graham for posting and tks to the king himself for his constant hard work, best site ive come accross yet.

    Message to the King, i will gladly donate a handsome sum of money to your paypal account or send you some jd or champagne to an address ( i work in a wine store)whichever you prefer, if you could help me set up my ps 2 to the orange live box and my new spv m3100 contract phone wi fi connection. my ps 2 has never worked wirelessly and the spv i have being trying things and reading forums for 3 days straight so really need some help.

    thanks again to all that helped me set up the wii, time to go play some bowling against my mate in the states….

  • nick says:

    thankyou so much! you lovely lovely person!!!!

  • paddy says:

    u absolute legend!!!

    seriously ….. big time king!

  • Dave says:

    Cheers mate,

    we had loads of trouble setting our laptop up on the livebox and when the wii didn’t connect straight away i started to curse the livebox!!! (again)


    your instructions are easy enough that even i can do them…

    i read one of the previous comments about nintendo and orange not providing this info – surely it would cut there call centre calls no end.

    much thanks


  • simon says:

    You are a legend – thank you for this help. I would donate but words are better than money aren’t they? Right? Right???


  • Punisher 36O says:

    thanks alot friend, there aint enough ppl in the world like u dude
    good gaming :D

  • Scott says:

    hello, thank you for helping me! its taken me ages to set it up and now you have told me :D byee

  • Wiinternet says:

    You are an actual living legend! thank you!

  • Gary says:


    Stupid Orange and Nintendo ‘HELP’ centres.

    I can’t believe how easy this was, i spent hours trying to connect.

  • xxsajxx says:

    hi thanx a lot. u have saved me a lot of trouble. i would have given you a little donation but i cant as i am broke after buying this. anyway thanx again.

  • Toby says:

    Just wanted to say thank you, spent ages farting about with my livebox settings but had forgot to hit the button on the box itself!

    If only I had googled and found your page first!

  • Danny says:

    You are amzing. Pure Ledge! LOL i can play strikers online now !!!!

  • Jodie says:

    Hi there. Am a single mum with four boys, and am desperate to get there wii on internet for them, but constantly for four days now getting the error code, 52030? Could you help? In Easy to follow terms, would gladly donate something if you can get our wii up and running on internet!!! Thanks, ps have tried various sites and all too confusing to follow!!

  • Melv says:

    Nice one. Was beginning to get a bit stressed as I couldn’t figure out what to do (ex IT support as well!!)
    Your tips above did the job.


  • Ru says:

    Thanks for your help mate. By the way, setting up my wii did not work at first using WEP key. I tried by WEP key password for a diffrent security key setting and for ome reason it worked! So like me if you got a wierd error code just try the password for different security keys…

  • mark says:

    thanks very much!both this and “how to connect your ds” where very helpful to me!thanks alot for taking the time to do these guides

  • Belly says:

    I have followed your instructions and managed to get my Wii connected to the orange livebox. I then opted to update but after about 20 mins the progress bar stopped moving. It stayed the same for another 20 minutes then the Wii just froze. None of the handsets worked, and I couldn’t even turn it off! I resorted to unplugging the Wii, just to return my TV to normal usage. Now the Wii will not turn on. What have I done and how can I fix it? I’ve tried the reset button but nothing happens. It is as if the Wii has just died!. Help!!

  • jinkzz says:

    god bless your soul .living ledge

  • Anna says:

    Thanks a lot. Great easy to follow advice. Keep it up.


  • Mo says:

    Thank you very much took me bout 3 days and i still couldnt figure it out.. :)

    This was very helpful as the orange livebox has so many problems.. i needed a guide to connect it to my psp, and my Wii it’s pretty annoying.



  • Arthur says:


  • Arthur says:

    and o ye orange suck compared 2 u! they were so unhelpful about it, Nintendo 2!

  • Ben says:

    Fantastic!!!! you have no idea how many hours i wasted tryin to do this myself!
    Massive help!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig says:

    Your a genius!! Followed it word for word and it worked! In fact it was the same way i had to set up the MacOSX. Would donate if i was on Paypal but unfortunately not.
    thanks again ur a legend!!!!!!

  • Richard says:

    Nice one.

  • Matt says:

    Thanks alot mate i am now connected.

  • Tom says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the info! Was tearing out my hair ’til I read this, and now everything’s sorted!

  • Sean says:

    Many thanks for your helpful walkthrough. I second the comments on why Orange and Nintendo cannot produce simple and clear instructions.
    You have saved my bacon, not to mention my pride in front of the family – “how difficult can it be Dad!”


  • james says:

    Thanks a bunch mate. That was great advice… Something so easy is a nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing… Thanks again….

  • Mike says:

    Used the WEP settings and the wii worked fine but my wireless laptop now wont connect to the livebox. Do i just follow the instructions given by Graham (No 23) ??


  • susan says:

    thanks for your help went through loads of other site and were of no help followed your instructions and i am now updating thanks again.

  • James says:

    Thanks so much for your help. Tried loads of things to sort this and you have come up trumps. Thanks for taking the time out to help people like me sort this prob. Well Done Sir.

  • Ian says:

    Just want to say a very big thank you for your helpful comments. Using the above my wii connected first time! I left the firewall settings at medium and also the security as WEP & WPA as per the Livebox default.

  • jake says:

    thanks so much, been struggling for about a year to connect to the internet, highly appreciated. cheers

  • Johnny Gemba says:

    U the man

  • Marko says:

    cheers mate – had almost given up – forgot about having to press that pesky number 1 button

    Mucchhooosss gracias !!!

  • alan says:

    alright folks need help.can’t get my wii connected to my livebox.

    where do i find the button 1 i need to press have searched my livebox and don’t see any little black buttons.

    please help(do all liveboxes have these buttons?)

  • It’s on a little panel on the perspex shell, at the bottom, down from the lights. There’s two small grey buttons that are hard to see next to a USB port.

  • chichi says:

    I salute u sir!!!!

  • chris says:

    followed the steps exactly and still getting error code: 101305 with orange livebox 31b8 why did they make it so impossible just to get on the internet with your wii its really puting me off thanks for all the help u can give or cant give in advance mabye nintendo should think about employing you to sort it out lol

  • Ed'n'Mum says:

    Brilliant – thank you. Why didn’t I just search the web first for ideas – both Orange and Nintenedo have been no help at all. It was the pairing button we needed, plus changing the default security setting that the Wii found to WEP.

    Thanks again!

  • chris says:


  • Gaz says:


    It seems when i go into the livebox settings and change it from WPA to WEP, my laptop internet crashes and refuses to re-establish a connection. Is there any way to maybe keep it as WPA-PSK (TKIP) and use the connection on the wii, because I have NO IDEA how to find my WPA key and no-one seems able to tell me :'( please help me! I would be happy to make a paypal donation if you did :)

  • Nixey says:

    I owe you a pint mate…I f**cking love you ^_^

    I spent ages the other day…and I thought why me…Now its as though im blessed lol.

    Thanks alot kid

  • jack says:

    Hi ive done all of that but when i turned it off the button where you turn it off goes orange… is that ok

  • Jack says:

    thanx it worked i was forgetting to type wep key in caps and press the 1

  • kiran says:

    thank you so much i was trying for hours trying to get my wi-fi thanx so much. god bless u i so owe u. i wish i could give u something.

  • Alex says:

    Thank you so much for this help!!
    I have been tying to connect my wii to the internet since christmas and have finally suceeded thanks to your help !!
    thanks again !!

  • Rob says:

    Thanks an absolute ton. I haven’t been able to get online since october 2007, all because no one or no where told me to use caps lock on my wep key, except you. You rule!!!

  • Gajan says:

    GOOD STUFF MATE! one thing to add is you might need to change the channel number on livebox configuration. I had to change mine to 13.

  • Hayley says:

    Hey There,

    Ive been trying to get my wii to connect to my live box for weeks and no one could help. i agree with the first cooment, why nintendo and orange cant tell you how to do it in these simple terms is a mystery

    Your advise is simple and fantastic. i didnt have to change a thing.

    Thanks again.

  • matt says:


    i have a computer on windows xp
    one on vista
    and a mac all on my live box
    when i did your steps the vista and xp went offline and would not reconnect when i changed the settings back all the computers worked the wii didnt and i cant reconnect it
    please reply i am in desperate need of help thanks matt

  • Hoss says:

    Dude! I pulled my hair out and then there you were. Thanks a million fella. This page explained the problem like no other source.

  • Charles says:

    To King Of My Castle,

    When I read this page it all looked so much like it would work and I was extremely confident that it would work. I did all the steps you told me, everything! But then, when I went onto my beloved Wii, I searched for an access point and…nothing was found!
    Please can you tell me what may be wrong a.s.a.p! Thanks, John!

    Also, I think this is a great website and it is amazing you made it with WordPress and well-done to you!

    Thanks John! You have been a good help.

  • Charles says:

    Please can you still concentrate on my last comment, but I just need to say something…

    I am sorry, but I can’t donate anything to PayPal. Sorry, mate! I am only a kid and I am not getting any pocket money right now. My Dad is an engineer and he is in Nigeria fixing up a town and he told my Mum to give me £5.00 every week so I can…do stuff ;)!!! Lol! I would probably give some money but I am skint, broke and have empty pockets (Yeah, I know they mean the same thing!)


  • Andrea says:

    thankyou very much you have saved me a forture for not having to ring orange 50p a minute charge, your A LEGEND.thanks again.

  • Gaz says:


    It seems when i go into the livebox settings and change it from WPA to WEP, my laptop internet crashes and refuses to re-establish a connection. Is there any way to maybe keep it as WPA-PSK (TKIP) and use the connection on the wii, because I have NO IDEA how to find my WPA key and no-one seems able to tell me :’( please help me! I would be happy to make a paypal donation if you did :D

  • Charles says:

    He ain’t answering!!

  • nert says:

    Login to your router (, it’s under security | wireless connection.

    However, I have a DS, and a Livebox and will *never* use the two together. Why? Because disabling WPA as a security measure is A Very Stupid Thing To Do.

    Please see here: – and disable WPA at your own risk. If people start piggy-backing your now UNSECURED network, it’s caveat emptor all the way to Orange asking what the hell you’ve been doing with your connection.


  • Solo says:

    Thanks so so much.
    All i had to do was set the firewall to low.
    that was annoying me for hours!

  • bumblesquat says:

    Your a star, thanks. It worked fine after I’d done the Configuration -> Advanced -> Wireless and make sure your setting is ‘WEP security only’ bit.

  • sam says:

    thank you. your a star thanks for saving me ringing up orange or nintedo. followed your insructions got connected straight away thanks.

  • Bigmondy says:

    Fantastic……….. saved phoning premium rate numbers. I doth my cap good sir!

  • tamsin (age 10) says:

    thank you for helping me to connect my wii to the internet, the instruction book that comes with the wii is abit rubbish at telling you how to connect.
    from tamsin age 10yrs

  • liz says:

    Hey thanks. Usualy this stuff is like rocket science for me but you made it easy. I agree with the comment why carnt orange or nintendo come up with this info for us. thanks again anyways :) xx

  • stef says:

    Mine still won’t work. Tried a million different ways, getting 51330 and 51331 mainly. When I changed my livebox settings to WEP only a few weeks back I absolutely mauled my internet and had to pay someone to fix it, not a happy bunny.

    Im getting quite annoyed and am wondering if a new router would be best as I’ve had nothing but trouble with the livebox. :(

  • Ade says:

    These instructions totally worked first time round, magic!!!!

  • Sam says:

    Thought this link had saved me. I have already done all of this and I know about the buttons on the back of the router. Fed up of searching for help with this. This router sucks…

  • Henry says:

    Mate, you’re a total legend. Thank you!!!

  • CRR says:

    Thanks sooooo much! I have spent the past year (or so) trying to find out how to do this! Its frustrsting that all it took was 1 button press! :-D

  • Awk says:

    Thank you, saved from much frustration! What would we do if kind people like you didn’t post this stuff?

    Now I can check the weather without having to look out of the window, ah technology!

  • usmaan ajaz says:


  • mart says:

    Thanks for the advice on the connection – really helped. Sorry to be a thickie but should I reactivate the livebox firewall now I have the wii connected or will that mess everything up?

    Thank you

  • Jane says:

    I am trying to set the Wii up on the internet for my son without success. We have orange broadband. We always get message 51330 and after reading your page i have tried the pairing button but the same thing happens. Still get message 51330.
    Also i think the pairing time may be set to 0 minutes (although I am not sure about this)
    We are using WPA-TKIP
    I have read that perhaps I should change the router to mixed mode but i have absolutely no idea how to do this.

    I would be very grateful for any help you can give.
    Thanks so much

  • mitchell says:

    thanx man very clearly was your explanation!

  • Emma says:

    Hi thanks for your help, my wii is now connected and I can happily wii my life away !! I am so glad there are people like you out there to help.
    You explained it so well and was very quick and easy to understand, after trawling the internet for an explanation for months I just wish I had come across you first.

  • Kizzie Atkinson/Jake Atkinson (Stoke,UK) says:

    Thank You

    Ds & Wii

    Are Working


    You Have My Up Most Repect !

  • James says:

    Hello, I have tried everything you have said yet I still get this message when testing the livebox connection:

    Error Code: 51331 Unable to connect to the internet. Chose Internet settings and then confirm your connection. Visit for assistance.

    Any help? Nintendo offer none :I



    P.S Maybe send the help to an email anyone?

  • sam says:

    i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you, seriously this worked a treat, amazing, cant thank you enough.

  • Star says:

    Thank you so much for this guide! Had a livebox at my last house and it connected my Wii with just the use of the pairing button. Moved house and got a new live box, and couldnt for love nor money get it to connect. Read your guide logged into my admin thing and got my WEP code, painless and easy!! thank you thank you thank you! Mario Kart here i come!!! xxxx

  • Philip James says:

    Many thanks.

  • Andy Russell says:

    Hi there, while reading these posts and struggling to get my wii online, I managed it by realising I was entering in the WPA security code in lower case letters. I changed them to upper case and it worked first time. Hope this helps some one else!

  • adie says:

    thanks SOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!

    this is great. i got none of this info from either companies! thanks!

  • Jazzie says:

    Thank you SO much! I’ve been sitting here for nearly 4 hours solid trying to get this to work, tried everything under the sun and thanks to you it works now! Again, thank you SOOO much!

  • Jon says:

    hey great instructions – thanks!! you reminded me about the liveboxes crazy lil number 1 button – thats what was foolin me.

    i got by without changing any livebox settings (i.e. firewall)… probably a good idea to remove that tip altogether, dont want people downgrading their security unneccesarily…

    but anyway really great page, thanks for your help,

  • vickie says:

    yaaay! thankyou! i am totally clueless when it comes to stuff like this, and the nintendo faq was no help at all. i am so glad i stumbled upon your page – i had been trying to connect for like, hours to no avail. hero!

  • Sean says:

    OMG THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! ive been having a problm with my wii for months now and this fixed it! THANK YOU!

  • Joe says:

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    very well written )

  • Sophie says:

    Thank you so much for this post. Really helped me get online. I have no clue why the offical sites can’t post something like this but meh, thank you :D x

  • Graeme says:

    hi i have tried every attempt i can think of and no aval
    the two have been connected previously but since then the livebox lost its settings and started afresh!

    Tried wep only and the wep key is correct the 1 button is pressed and nothing.

    tried wep or wpa which again the key is correct the 1 button is pressed and nothing

    tried wpa only and same again

    i get about 6 different error messages that seem to randomise themselves mainly 51330 but also 52232 and there was some others that i havent noted down the wii error code site basically says either wep is wrong or its the firewall

    i have tried connecting with wireless security turned off and it still says my security key is wrong but there isnt one any more!

    any ideas?


  • Dane says:

    absolutly fab, i was on the verge of giving up,then i tried what Graham posted (number 23) and it worked ;)
    one bit of advice,on the livebox where your WEP key number is you will notice that there is a space after every 4 digits. DO NOT PUT THE SPACE IN WHEN ENTERING YOUR NUMBER ON THE WII. i kept putting the space in and it didnt work, i then put all the numbers in without the spaces and PRESTO its done.

  • John says:

    A big thankyou. After spending most of Christmas trying to connect to my livebox, I finally found your site. 10 minutes later I am connected and my son thinks his dad is some sort of I.T genius (how wrong he is!)


  • dooshy says:

    done all tht and im getting error code 51330 wtf is tht all about it neva use to do tht any ideas

  • Kimmage says:

    had tried many times before, with no luck. Nowhere else had mentioned the button on the live box and also the wep code on the actual box was wrong by one digit!! following your advice now has me up and running – Cheers!!

  • jeff woodall says:

    Excellent stuff – as mentioned by others, it was the fact that the pairing button needed pressing which I was neglecting to do. Thanks guys!

  • Mirriam says:

    Thanks so much your instructions worked after 2 hours of trying to get it connected. wish i’d looked here to begin with!

  • Emily Hudson says:

    i have tried EVERYTHING that is said on this whole website and it’s still not working, getting error code 52130 everytime, it changed after a few adjustments, but i would be really grateful for any suggestions at all! thanks

  • Gavin says:

    HELP. I’ve been trying to connect my Wii with no luck. Had similar problems with my PS3 but like some others above when i changed the settings in the livebox it screwed my internet connection up on my laptop. I have my laptop connected through a wireless connection and now my PS3 connected with a cable. I didn’t use the button on the livebox when i tried to connect the wii, if i push this will it affect any of the other things connected?

  • Daniel says:

    A recent experience with my new Livebox. After trying and failing several times I managed to get the Wii to connect the Livebox. The key thing that seemed to make the difference was changing the “MTU value” in the Wii Internet settings to 1492. With this in place I can connect with the default WPA-PSK security and TKIP encryption settings.

  • Nick says:

    Hi there. I’m really losing my temper with the Wii now. Day and night I have been at it, I just can’t give up.

    I’ve set up WPA on the router, I’ve pressed 1, I’ve set WPA on the Wii, entered the password I set in router manager…it still doesn’t want to connect to the internet.

    Is there ANYTHING I’m missing here?

  • Jo says:

    Just wanted to say thank you so so so much. I tried so many different bits of advice over and over again and then finally stumbled upon your site and after pressing the silly button it worked first time. Nowhere else did it say anything about the button!!!

    In normal circumstances I’d make a donation, but I’m afraid at the moment you’ll have to just accept my appreciative message instead, sorry :(

    But thank you again.

  • Struttski says:

    Fantastic advice. Most grateful and you have indeed saved a great deal of frustration. Cheers Mate.

  • Daniel says:

    Nick: “Is there ANYTHING I’m missing here?”.

    Yes, try changing the MTU value on the Wii. 1492 worked for me.

  • Richard Gartland says:

    Worked a treat, thanks very much!!!

  • Steve says:

    I have an Orange livebox, and a wii. Why all the complex instructions.

    Basically people forget to press the 1 or 2 button to reset it / keep it searching for a new host. People type the code in and wait but forget to press the button.

    That would have done it for 90% of the idiots that dont understand the technology they purchased.

  • vicky says:

    having spent nearly an hour talking to orange, and getting nowhere with help from the most unhelpful man ive ever had the displeasure of talking to. this worked first time.

    Thank you so much!!

  • Charlotte says:

    You have just saved my husband;s sanity (and therefore mine) thank you so much!

  • John says:

    Thank you man. Perfect guide.


  • Kelly says:

    You are fantastic. Been trying to sort this out for months. thanks!!!!!

  • Sami says:

    Hi thank you, you have made a lovestruck teenager, a moanin faced nine year old and their mother very happy this info has solved two connection problems for us. PS if your trying to connect your archos to the livebox this solves that problem too. Many thanks Sx

  • Emily says:

    You are a star!!!
    Ive spent ages trying to get this done!!
    Why the hell cant the Nintendo website offer this type of help?!
    Thanks yet again. = )

  • Ravi says:

    Thank you very much! Trying to get this info for nearly a year with out success until I saw your advice. You are a genius and made my kids happy.

    Thanks once again.

  • Damien Wright says:

    Thanks for this. Thought setting my girlfriends new wii up on the internet was going to be hard work but with this advice it took seconds.

  • Paul Goodison says:

    Thanks for your help, like a lot of other people been trying for ages to get this work. You have made a big kid very happy. Thanks again

  • kirula leelasena says:

    Many thanks for this useful info.
    Your instructions worked 1st time!
    You made my daughter very happy :-)
    Let me know if you accept donations?

    BTW. I am not a great fan of Orange Broadband and looking to move to someone else soon! may be bee or talktalk. Any advice?

  • steve says:

    thanks for you help, much appreciated!

  • Jim U says:

    Thanks man this helped me get both the girlfriend’s wii on the system and my work’s macbook. So far the pc and old lap top are still connecting too! Hooray!

  • Oliver says:

    wonder if you can help i get a 101246 error!! i am on arange and never used there live box due to haveing a linux smothwall. my wii used to work fine on bt with a netgear router (modem) and smothwall behind! but since switching to orange the wii will not connect at all though the setup is the same as it was with bt. I am a pc/network enginer and have port forwarding configured for the xbox 360, vpn email etc but the wii will not work!! i have now setup the orange live box on it own and paired the wii with it (i can see it in the devices section) i have not configured any other portforwarding or setting and gess what i get the same error 101246 from what i can work out is the wii can see the internet but not connect to wiiconect24!! the only out come i can think of is that orange are filtinging or have routing issues to this site!! any help!!

  • woody says:

    my names woody
    anyway, i followed your advice and then when i got to the configuration stage where you find out what you WEP key is, all it says is “LIVEBOX NAME ; LIVEBOX-1610”
    any ideas how i can find out what my WEP key is?
    il b soo thankful if u can help
    its driving me crazy :(

  • shirley says:

    my saviour – worked first time – other sites failed.

    WOODY – WEP key is at the bottom of the livebox or in site “http://configuration.adsl/index2.html” go to SECURITY then WIRELESS CONECTION you will see the WEP key and tap in caps on the Wii – good luck

  • Sandrat says:

    Perfect!! thanks for this very old advise which still works today!! hopefully my hair will grow back soon?? been pulling it out for weeks!!!!

  • Mark Walton says:

    Thanks for your help I have finally got the kids off my back they have been nagging me for ages to help them fix this but other websites advice just didn’t work

  • Matty Hayden says:

    You are simply… AMAZING!
    I’ve spent the past year that i have had my Wii trying to find out how to connect to the internet. Today i thought i’d have another go and i couldn’t beleive how easy it was… The only problem is… today is the last day i’ll be on my Wii before we move houses… Which is a bummer :/

  • Charles Groves says:

    Just to say thank you very much for posting your help 3 years ago, because after spending many hours trying to connect a laptop to a orange live box, and searching every where for answers. you gave me the solution just push the no 1 button on the live box and you can connect (provided everything else is correct)

  • Losingit! says:

    Please help! If I type in the 192. bit it does not work and I cannot find this special button on my livebox. Do you mean the reset button?

  • David says:

    Been trying to connect WII to Livebox.
    I have followed all of your advice.
    The WII detects the Livebox everytime – no problem.
    I always press the pairing button -1-
    WEP typed in capitals
    Have changed firewall to low (disabled)
    WEP security only set on Livebox
    Tried changing Livebox channel from 1 to 11
    Livebox software all up to date
    Everytime getting the usual cannot connect error codes
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Laptop has wireless connection no problem but cannot get desktop to connect – same as WII – computer detects Livebox but cannot get onto Internet.
    Thanks for your help

  • mick says:

    After trying your guide i could not get wii to connect.Did all the things you asked untill one final attempt when i pressed the button on the router AFTER pressing wii test connection stage.This worked for me and hopefully will help out other users.
    Great instructions,Thanks.

  • Matthew says:

    I don’t usually reply to things like this, but I wanted to than you very much for this very clear, concise and well though out tutorial.

    Over the past two years, the Wii hasn’t worked on the Internet. After your clear process, it worked instantly.

    You are a nice genuine person, and there needs to be more helpful and giving people like you in the World.

    Thank you so much <3
    Im off to play Mario Kart with someone from peru now.

  • Tim says:

    Thank you so much for this information.

  • Ruth Crosswell says:

    Genius!! it worked, thanks it was doing my head in trying to figure out how to make it connect!

  • KarrieB says:

    Loosing the will to Wii!

    Looked at all comments and advice on the net – tried everything ( I think). Can you please please help? Driving me absolutely crazy – spent hours trying to get it to work.

    Livebox (Invatel Model DV4210-WA)
    firewall at medium
    wireless connection currently enabled
    security WEP only (also tried WPA or WEP)
    channel 11 (also tried 1 and 13)
    enable easy pairing – Yes
    MAC filtering mode enabled (also tried disabled)

    searched for connection after pressing 1 on Livebox
    selected wireless connection
    livebox found
    type of security WEP (also tried WPA-PSK TKIP, WPA-PSK AES and WPA2-PSK (AES)
    auto obtain IP address – yes
    auto obtain DNS – yes
    Proxy server – don’t use
    MTU value 0 (also tried 1492)

  • KarrieB says:

    Got it working – below entered and worked no prob.
    WEP only, channel 11, medium security.

    1) When you get this error code 52030 go to menu and then select ‘Change settings’
    2) You’re on the right page in the “Obtain IP address automatically” and you select “No”
    3) Below you click Advanced and you fill:
    IP Address:
    mask sub-networks:
    4) You valid pge you go to the right: “No”, “Advanced Settings” and you fill:
    Primary DNS:
    DNS Secondary: 0.0 .0.0 (Attention different
    5) You valid, you’re on the right page and you fill:
    6) You valid, you save, you press the button 1 of the LIVEBOX and you start the connection test.

  • Rankrotten says:

    I found getting the wii online with the livebox was just as the top comment advises.
    Although i did’nt think so at first.
    After a few failed attempts, i tried all the suggestions mentioned above.
    Nothing worked.
    I had a final try with the first comment, but this time, for whatever reason, i pressed in the pairing button with a pencil.
    This time i heard and felt a click.
    About 20 secs later, the wii began updating itself.
    So, i recommend you follow the top message, but ensure the pairing button on the livebox is fully pressed.
    Good luck all.
    Many thanks King.

  • eljay says:

    ace advice yet again used the instructions on my partner’s sons wii and worked :)

  • Danni says:

    Thank You so much , what is oranges problem seriously why can’t they ever provide help like this ,, would give u a paypal donation but i don’t have a paypal seeing as im 12 :) you’ve made a little girl happy now :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Chloe says:

    This saved me hours of frustration! Thank you! Been trying to connect it for at least a month! ??????

  • ryan says:

    when i change the security to wep my brother loses connection on his laptop upstairs????? what do i do plz send message back

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