Gah, my 3 deal collapse.

Posted on August 8th, 2006 at 9:05 am

It seems that my negotiations over my new phone were not as done and dusted as I believed. I received a letter today telling me my new handset was on the way (6 days after it arrived) and that I had upgraded to the TALK AND TEXT 600 package, the same one I had been on before. I had previously agreed with the woman from ‘3’ (all customer services are based in Indian call centres) that I was to move to the DIRECT TEXT 1400 package with the 30Mb of free Yahoo Internet but alas I had not been moved. They also had never heard of the Internet Powered by Yahoo, free 30Mb/month, service that I wanted.

So I decided to cancel my ‘3’ account and phone. Whether this process will be easy is anybody’s guess but if I do get any problems I’ll tell you about them here. My two main worries are 1. How easy will it be to transfer my telephone number, and 2. How much will ‘3’ charge me after I cancel?

So I’m about to move to Orange. This way I get my £17.99 Broadband Internet for free. Well thats what they tell me anyway. Lets see what I can get…

Update: Now the Carphone Warehouse are in my bad books as they seemed to have billed me for 3 months insurance before my 12 months was up. They’ve tried to get in a few days early without my concent. Anyway, just noting that my insurance with Carphone Warehouse Lifeline was cancelled today at 10:15 in case they pretend I didn’t do it.

Update: It’s unlucky for ‘3’ that by the time I finally get hold of a decent call centre operative it’s when I’m getting my PAC code to transfer my number. He explained all my options and answered all my questions perfectly. It almost wanted me to stay with ‘3’ after all.

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