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Posted on July 24th, 2006 at 2:45 pm

Here’s some links to some music mixes and podcasts available to download for your listening pleasure. Most of these are mp3s so just download them to your computer and transfer them to your phone/mp3 player, or burn them onto CD. As always, if you like the music then try buying some of the tracks yourself. There should be something for everyone here.

First we have this Brazilian music mix by Vibe. It’s a 62 minute mp3 full of some interesting funky Brazilian tunes both new and old.

And from the amazing South African Horizon Deep blog, which showcases the best in Deep House or Mzansi as they call it, I’ve chosen two mixes that really give you something different. The Somewhere In Circle Two mix contains some early deep minimal house from Dessous, Prescription and Large labels with not a vocal to be heard at all (well maybe just one). Lower down there is the Dark Horizon mix featuring some more tech-based house. You can stream the mixes here before you decide to download them so you’ll probably hear something you like.

Over at you have access to some of EdGround’s superb deep house mixes.

And finally, also from South Africa, we have This has some varied mixes, from deep house to techno and all are brilliant.

If you’d just prefer to listen straight from the interent then please try out House Afrika Radio. Live music straight out of Johannesburg.

There you have it. Free downloadable summer music. You have no excuses.

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